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AgriForaging's Collaboration with Raven & Boar Farm - A Sustainable Farm

Updated: Jun 21

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Location & Contact Information:

Raven & Boar | Hudson Valley Charcuterie 111 County Route 34 East Chatham, NY 12060 Tel: 518-794-0125 Email:

Ruby Duke standing in field with boars
Ruby Duke, Farmer & Owner of Raven & Boar | Hudson Valley Charcuterie

Client Background:

Raven & Boar, a woman-owned farm located in Northern Columbia County, New York, was founded in 2009. Specializing in raising heritage breeds of pigs such as Berkshire, Gloucester Old Spot, and Herefords, Raven & Boar is dedicated to sustainable farming practices. Their pigs are raised with care on open pasture and forest, fed a natural diet of grains, grass, vegetables, fruits, and naturally foraged roots and acorns. To deepen their commitment to quality, Raven & Boar founded Hudson Valley Charcuterie to craft small-batch, artisanal charcuterie and sausages exclusively from their on-farm pork.This ensures high-quality, USDA-inspected products are available year-round.

Project Overview:

In 2016, Ruby Duke, the farmer and owner of Raven & Boar and Hudson Valley Charcuterie, approached AgriForaging Food Safety with a vision to open a USDA Inspected Establishment on her farm. This ambitious project aimed to elevate their operations by achieving federal inspection and compliance, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety for their products. The goal was successfully realized in October 2023.

Ruby Duke attending to boars in the field

Services Provided by AgriForaging:

Floor Plan/Plant Design and Architectural Compliance:

  • AgriForaging collaborated with Raven & Boar to develop a plant design tailored to the specific needs of their on-farm USDA FSIS establishment. This involved providing architectural compliance design guidance and building recommendations to ensure the facility met all necessary standards.

Navigating State Licensing and Inspection:

  • AgriForaging assisted Raven & Boar | Hudson Valley Charcuterie in navigating the complex licensing and inspection processes required by the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets. This included providing guidance on obtaining the necessary licenses and ensuring the facility passed all inspections.

USDA FSIS Communication and Compliance Guidance:

  • Achieving USDA inspection involved clear communication and strict adherence to federal regulations. AgriForaging provided crucial support in navigating USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) communication, meeting federal inspection requirements, and ensuring overall compliance.

HACCP Plan Development and Implementation:

  • A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan is essential for ensuring food safety. AgriForaging developed and implemented a customized HACCP plan for Raven & Boar | Hudson Valley Charcuterie, tailored to their specific processes and products.

Customized HACCP Training Certification:

  • To ensure ongoing compliance and effective implementation of the HACCP plan, AgriForaging provided customized HACCP training certification for the Raven & Boar/Hudson Valley Charcuterie team. This training equipped them with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain high food safety standards.

On-going Compliance Support:

  • Compliance with USDA FSIS regulations is an ongoing process. AgriForaging continues to support Raven & Boar | Hudson Valley Charcuterie, ensuring they remain compliant with all relevant standards and regulations.

Expansion of Process Categories in the HACCP Plan:

  • As Raven & Boar | Hudson Valley Charcuterie expands their product offerings, AgriForaging assists in updating and expanding the process categories covered in their HACCP plan. This ensures that all new processes and products meet the required safety standards.


Boar in the open field

With AgriForaging’s expertise and support, Raven & Boar | Hudson Valley Charcuterie successfully opened their USDA FSIS Inspected Establishment in October 2023. This achievement not only enhanced the quality and safety of their products but also allowed them to expand their operations and reach a wider market.


The partnership between AgriForaging Food Safety and Raven & Boar | Hudson Valley Charcuterie exemplifies the importance of expert guidance in achieving regulatory compliance and operational excellence. Through dedicated support and specialized services, AgriForaging has helped Raven & Boar realize their vision and continue to thrive as a leading producer of artisanal charcuterie and sausages in the Hudson Valley.

For more information on how AgriForaging can assist your agricultural business, please contact us today.

Child using chalkboard to announce party at Raven & Boar farm


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