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AgriForaging Food Safety is a leader for your plant design,
food safety, compliance, and HACCP needs.

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Food-Consultation Services

Since 2011, AgriForaging Food Safety
has been dedicated to empowering communities and family businesses. We achieve this through our commitment to supporting regenerative farming practices, ensuring regulatory compliance, and promoting sustainable economic growth for
a prosperous future.

Servicing compliance clients throughout the
United States & Canada.

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Food Safety 

Over the course of our operations, we have successfully aided more than 780 companies, similar to yours, in achieving compliance with the stringent regulations enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Our comprehensive services encompass the development and implementation of state & federal establishment design, tailored food safety compliance programs, comprehensive training to facilitate implementation, and unwavering support until your organization successfully clears its regulatory inspections.



Whether your organization faces resource deficiencies or seeks the expertise of external food safety and quality management system professionals to augment your team, we provide a comprehensive range of services.

Our offerings encompass internal audits, due diligence services, meticulous gap assessments (with gap resolution as needed), and customizable ongoing support agreements meticulously designed to align with your specific requirements.

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Established in 2011, AgriForaging Food Safety was founded with a resolute mission: to serve as a pivotal link between the agricultural industry and a brighter future.

We have emerged as a foremost authority in plant design, food safety, HACCP, and compliance. Our unwavering dedication is yielding positive and transformative effects within the realms of both
food and

Aiding entrepreneurs & chefs nationally on state and federal best practices, specializing in the following services:

State & Federal (FDA, USDA FSIS)
food safety compliance since 2011:

  • State (custom) & Federal (USDA FSIS) beef, pork, lamb/goat slaughterhouse design:

    • slaughter - all federal species

      • humane handling design & program​

      • kill floor design

      • square footage utilization

      • cold storage | aging 

      • utilities

      • waste water management

      • compliance

      • equipment resource

    • slaughter + meat processing | butcher shop

      • process categories:

        • raw (intact & not-intact)

        • heat-treated (not shelf stable)

        • fully cooked (not shelf stable)

        • fully cooked (shelf stable)

        • not heat treated, shelf stable

          • ​specializing in cured meats (charcuterie)​

  • State (custom) & Federal (USDA FSIS) poultry slaughterhouse design:

    • slaughter - poultry

      • humane handling design & program​

      • kill floor design

      • square footage allocation

      • cold storage | air chill

      • utilities

      • waste water management

      • compliance

      • equipment resource

    • slaughter + meat processing | butcher shop

      • process categories:

        • ​​raw (intact & not-intact)

        • heat-treated (not shelf stable)

        • fully cooked (not shelf stable)

        • fully cooked (shelf stable)

        • not heat treated, shelf stable

          • ​specializing in cured meats (charcuterie)​

  • USDA FSIS Grant of Inspection compliance

  • ALL facets of State & Federal (FDA, USDA FSIS) HACCP Plan audit, development & integration:

    • current good manufacturing practices

    • best practices

    • hazard analysis development

    • standard operating procedures

    • prerequisite programs

    • sanitation standard operating procedures

    • humane handling design & auditing

    • food defense

    • recall & traceability programs

    • allergen control programs

    • pest control programs

    • transportation, logistical & warehouse control plans

    • pathogenic analysis evaluation & design

    • environmental monitoring programs

    • labeling guidance

  • Ready-To-Eat smokehouse & cured meat (charcuterie) state & federal food safety compliance

  • Food Safety auditing services available

  • 3rd party audit preparation, development, implementation, training & approval for USDA FSIS & FDA establishments

  • FDA (non-meat) registration & state conformance

  • Commercial kitchen + plant design:​

    • ​all food (non-meat) categories​

    • raw (fresh), heat treated, ready-to-eat, read-to-cook, ready-to-drink

  • Co-packing facility design

    • ​all food (non-meat) categories​

    • raw, heat treated, ready-to-eat, read-to-cook, ready-to-drink​

    • State R.O.P (reduced oxygen packaging) HACCP design

    • State variance food safety compliance navigation

  • FDA & state pet food & pet treats regulatory compliance

  • FDA & state bakery food safety compliance

  • FDA & state craft beverage food safety compliance

  • dairy operation/production audit & food safety compliance

  • GAP (good agricultural practices) farm food safety

  • distribution food safety compliance​

  • warehouse food safety compliance

  • ...and so much more


...while promoting local agriculture and local value-added food infrastructure in ​our communities! 

Bridging the gap between rural and urban food systems.

AgriForaging Food Safety is powered by a dire need for responsibility to our land and resources, and a passion to positively enhance our food system.  If we can help you on your entrepreneurial & compliance journey, please contact us.


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If you would like to discuss your project, receive a customized project quote, require emergency guidance or have regulatory compliance questions, contact us directly or please fill out the following form - we are here to assist: 

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AgriForaging Food Safety is based out of New York & New Hampshire; servicing clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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