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AgriForaging Food Safety
was founded in 2011 with a mission to bridge the gap between agriculture and a better tomorrow by evolving the course of entrepreneurship through

State & Federal Food Safety Compliance.

Servicing compliance clients throughout the United States.

Food Safety 

We will quickly and efficiently integrate our knowledge of the food/beverage industry, food safety, sanitation and related support functions with requirements of the many regulatory agencies (USDA & FDA) who oversee HACCP and other benchmark programs within the food industry.


We will design your entire HACCP plan with you ensuring that each of the seven (7) principle steps of HACCP are addressed. Once your HACCP Plan is finalized we will train your certify & train your team.


Our Team is certified by the International HACCP Alliance offering food safety management system development, implementation, audit & review.

Direct assistance preparing required documents, monitoring forms and facility registration, HACCP Plan programming development,

supply chain and product traceability assistance, and assistance in identifying and implementing preventive controls are just some of our specialties.

Education, Events + Hot Line

We are currently organizing a calendar of food safety compliance & animal husbandry workshops, trainings, classes + workshops.

TOPICS: HACCP, Slaughter, Butchery, Husbandry, Food Safety Assessment, Transportation, Traceability, Recall & Food Defense.

Send a message on our chat button below (the gray bubble in the bottom right corner) and we will respond as soon as possible.


AgriForaging Food Safety was founded in 2011 with a mission to bridge the gap between agriculture and a better tomorrow. No small feat, but as a leading food safety, HACCP and compliance firm we are making a positive impact in the food and agricultural sectors.  

Aiding entrepreneurs & chefs nationally on state and federal best practices, specializing in the following services:

  • state (custom) & federal (USDA FSIS) beef, pork, lamb/goat & poultry slaughterhouse design + food safety compliance ~ architectural design auditing services available, addressing human & production compliance traffic

    • robust humane handling of beef, pork, lamb/goat & poultry

  • USDA FSIS Grant of Inspection compliance

  • ALL facets of state & federal HACCP Plan audit, development & integration:

    • current good manufacturing practices

    • best practices

    • hazard analysis development

    • standard operating procedures

    • prerequisite programs

    • sanitation standard operating procedures

    • food defense

    • recall & traceability programs

    • allergen control programs

    • pest control programs

    • transportation, logistical & warehouse control plans

    • pathogenic analysis evaluation & design

    • environmental monitoring programs

    • labeling guidance

  • ready-to-eat smokehouse & cured meat (charcuterie) state & federal food safety compliance

  • fda (non-meat) registration & state conformance

  • 3rd party audit preparation, development, implementation, training & approval for USDA FSIS & FDA establishments

  • state process authority submission & approval

  • state sous vide HACCP design

  • state R.O.P (reduced oxygen packaging) HACCP design

  • state variance food safety compliance navigation

  • FDA & state pet food & pet treats regulatory compliance

  • FDA & state bakery food safety compliance

  • FDA & state craft beverage food safety compliance

  • dairy operation/production audit & food safety compliance

  • GAP (good agricultural practices) farm food safety

  • distribution food safety compliance​

  • warehouse food safety compliance

  • ...and so much more


...while promoting local agriculture and local value-added food infrastructure in ​our communities! 

Bridging the gap between rural and urban food systems.

AgriForaging Food Safety is powered by a dire need for responsibility to our land and resources, and a passion to positively enhance our food system.  If we can help you on your entrepreneurial & compliance journey, please contact us.




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If you would like to discuss your project, receive a customized project quote, require emergency guidance or have regulatory compliance questions, please fill out the following form - we are here to assist. 

AgriForaging Food Safety is based out of New York; servicing clients throughout the U.S.

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