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AgriForaging Food Safety prides itself on its depth of food manufacturing and entrepreneurship, state & federal compliance, and HACCP technical expertise to assist you. Our team's experience as industry professionals and past regulatory agents allows us to integrate our knowledge of integrated food production systems, food safety, sanitation and related support functions with requirements of the many regulatory agencies who oversee HACCP and other benchmark programs within the food industry.

NICOLE E. DAY, Federal Plant Design Systems + State & Federal Food Safety Compliance

NICOLE E. DAY, Food Systems | State, FDA + USDA FSIS Plant Design, Compliance, Food Safety, HACCP Expert

Nicole, originally from New Hampshire, developed a profound passion for farming, food, and entrepreneurship. After earning her degree from the University of New Hampshire, she transitioned into the field of food science, co-founding a certified organic and natural foods manufacturing company that successfully distributed products through national retail and foodservice channels.

With over 30 years of experience, Nicole now serves as the CEO of AgriForaging Food Safety Inc., a consultancy she founded in 2011. Her extensive expertise encompasses entrepreneurship, federal meat production and plant design systems, livestock humane handling design, food processing, manufacturing, distribution, and state and federal (FDA and USDA FSIS) food safety compliance. Her consultancy services include designing comprehensive slaughterhouse and meat processing establishments, ensuring state and federal regulatory compliance, developing HACCP plans, designing RTE establishments, and handling organic certification processes across the United States and Canada.

Nicole’s commitment to revitalizing local food systems drives her mission at AgriForaging Food Safety. She leverages her background in food science to deliver consulting services that enhance the sustainability and efficiency of local agricultural infrastructure. Nicole is dedicated to educating and mentoring entrepreneurs on compliance and food safety regulations, helping to rebuild our agricultural infrastructure, and establishing herself as a trusted resource and leader in the industry.

Stephen Kruger.jpeg


Stephen is a licensed Architect with a diverse background spanning projects from $5,000 to $30 million. He excels as an Owner/Architect, construction document specialist, specification writer, mentorship, and is a business development leader, bringing a comprehensive skill set and vast experience to our project team. Stephen's expertise encompasses construction, skilled trades, structural engineering, and architecture.

He is well-versed in the approval process at various levels and has collaborated with the State Historic Preservation Office, the State Education Department on public school projects, the Dormitory Authority and State University Construction Fund, private developers, small and corporate businesses, state and USDA FSIS inspected establishments, and homeowners.

In February 2011, Stephen earned his Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation. He oversees LEED document tracking and prepares submissions for the USGBC. Notably, Stephen managed the first LEED 2.2 certified platinum university building in New York State.

Stephen has been working with AgriForaging Food Safety on multiple state and USDA FSIS projects for several years. We are thrilled to have him join our team as we continue to advance our impact in the meat industry.

GLEN UNTERBORN, Federal Food Safety Compliance

GLEN UNTERBORN, Federal Food Safety Compliance Expert

Glen Unterborn is a native of Western NY and received his AAS degree in Animal Science from SUNY Delhi in 1969.  After serving in the US Army from 1970 to 1971, Glen began his career in USDA working as a food inspector in Rochester, NY in 1973.  Since that time he has worked in and around Western and Central NY for USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service as a Food Inspector, Compliance Officer, Enforcement Investigations and Analysis Officer (EIAO) and Frontline Supervisor. Glen served as the Frontline Supervisor for the Buffalo, NY inspection circuit from 2006 – 2013. Glen had supervisory oversight responsibility for approximately 45 federally inspected slaughter & processing facilities and 27 Food Inspection and Public Health Veterinary personnel located throughout the Western NY region.  

ERIC SHELLEY, State & Federal Compliance Specialist, Master Butcher,  Slaughter & Butchery Instructor, Farmer

ERIC SHELLEY, State & Federal Compliance Specialist, Master Butcher,

Slaughter & Butchery Instructor, Farmer

Eric Shelley is a well-rounded individual in the Meat Industry. He was raised on a diversified livestock farm and worked for a dairy farm throughout high school. His formal education was in livestock science, with a strong affinity to meat processing.


Eric has worked and taught in both the livestock and meat industries for the past 25 years. 11 of those years he worked for SUNY Cobleskill as the Manager of the Meat Laboratory, designing curriculum, meat cutting, complying with federal USDA FSIS regulations, teaching livestock slaughter, processing and designing the Meat Processing & Food Safety Certification Program.  


Eric has been on the AgriForaging team since 2015 working with clients in all aspects of slaughter and production management, meat cutting instruction, procedural design and federal food safety compliance.

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